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Meet the real people behind PDP

We are a co-operative of highly competent and expert manufacturers of diving related products. With over 30 years’ experience dealing with US and European companies. Technical excellence, highly skilled workers and exceptional QC coupled with keen pricing. UK based representation to ensure great communication and response.

Michael Hu

Owner and MD of Topsurf Marine

Alongside his partner Tommy and wife Candy, Michael trained with some of the biggest Taiwanese manufacturers of sporting, dive and water-sports goods, supplying clients all over the world.

He started his own factory in 2010 and specializes in neoprene, PFD and semi-drysuit manfacturing.

Fluent in English and fully conversant with all the requirements for manufacturing great product, on time and at an excellent price.


First Class honours degree in business and business english.

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Baolong Liu

Owner and MD Xin Wang Fishing Wader and Dive Boot Production facility, Dongguan, China

Baolong is a mechanical engineer and an expert in the design and manufacture of high quality dive boots and waders. He gained his knowledge in factories supplying sporting footwear to the USA and Europe over the last 25 years.

Having trained with some the leading experts in dive boot technology, his experience and knowledge help to create excellent product.

There is very little he doesn't know about the footwear business!


First Class degree in Mechanical Engineering

Andrew Regan

Consultant Representative

Andrew has worked with the PDP factories and partners for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience dealing with overseas production through his own watersports businesses.

As a UK based representative his knowledge and understanding is hugely advantageous in helping to ensure a smooth running supply chain.


St Georges College, Weybridge.

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